About The Committee

The committee concept was inspired in late 2009 by Broadmoor Hotel CEO, Steve Bartolin, and further developed by local businessman Chuck Fowler. After watching the city struggle with declining tax revenues, citizens voting against tax increases, and the city making seemingly in-congruent decisions about what services to decrease or eliminate, Mr. Bartolin wrote a letter to Mayor Lionel Rivera outlining his concerns and possible solutions to some of the city’s woes. This simple act triggered a response from the mayor (CLICK HERE to download the Mayor’s letter), and a significant public response, and the seed for The City Committee was sown. It continues to grow through active research and analysis, and presentation of findings and recommendations to city and local civic and business leaders.

The City Committee represents an unusual model for a citizen’s group to affect government improvement.  Mayor Lionel Rivera, along with many other citizens, embraced the concept of a self-formed citizens group to serve as an unpaid group of consultants to study and recommend “best practices” from private enterprise to the task of delivering public services.

The founders agreed that the committee would steer away from political solutions and form a group of citizens committed to studying the basics of city service delivery — department-by-department. The findings of these studies take various forms: charts and graphs of longitudinal financial performance; development of outcome-based budget strategies and their measurement standards (metrics); and an inventory database of the management policies that drive city operations.