Our Methodology

The City Committee members serve as pro bono management consultants for the benefit of Colorado Springs citizens and tax payers.  We apply business philosophies and consulting methodologies designed to produce objective business findings.  We apply the following approaches and disciplines as we would practice in our individual businesses:

    • Research–we apply structured and thorough practices
    • Collaboration–we invite participants to gather accurate information and  provide context and perspective
    • Data-driven–we seek facts and data  from which to derive our findings
    • Outcome-based–our recommendations are specific and  include ways to measure  and evaluate outcomes
    • Shared information–we share our findings and conclusions with the broadest base of constituents and citizens  to raise awareness, educate and inform

      From public financial records, documents and discussions with city staff, our Budget sub-committee gathers as much information about the City’s finances and operations. Our information dates back to 2003 to the present. Our current focus of study and analysis is limited to those city departments supported by the General Fund and the Public Safety Sales Tax (PSST) Fund. Our database includes detail down to the financial account, department or division level.

      Once the data is assembled and compiled into our  database (see graphic below), the Budget sub-committee presents the information to the entire City Committee, who, in turn, analyze discuss and validate its relevance and meaning. Using charts and graphs, we look for patterns and trends targeted at answering a variety of questions:

      • Are revenues, in the form of taxes, fees and other income, collected by the city treasury trending in a direction that support expanded or contracted services?
      • Are increases or decreases in the number of city employees, including sworn safety personnel (police and fire), in line with changes in the population of the city?
      • Does the management of the city’s finances ensure adequate funding in the event of emergency or unforeseen needs?

      The answers to these questions and the City Committee findings are presented to community groups and published on our website. We invite input and feedback.   Our findings and recommendations may become formal policy recommendations for City Council debate or simply implemented by City staff. We offer our collective experience to assist the appropriate people and organizations during the implementation phase.

      The City Committee Process Diagram