Our Work

The City Committee uses best practices from private business to do research and analysis; to educate our city leaders, staff and citizens, then to draw conclusions and make recommendations based on our findings.  Use the links on the left for detailed info on our efforts in each of these areas.

The City Committee Recognizes

  • Efforts by council + staff to reduce costs in 2010 and 2011
  • Prior work by Sustainable Funding Committee + others
  • The unanimous opinion of The City Committee:
    • City of Colorado Springs finances remain vulnerable and unable to meet obligations and needs of the community
  • URGENT action is required to address:
    • policies, escalating costs and liabilities to provide for a sustainable future
  • The City Committee offers the community a partnership to help, advise + guide improvements

Warning Signs

  • Unemployment at 9.5%
  • Real Wages at levels lower than in March 2001
  • Heavy reliance on military + defense related employment
  • Uncontrollable escalation in pension costs
  • Property tax collections expected to fall in 2011 onwards
  • State budget shortfall will impact re-imbursement to municipalities – example cigarette tax
  • Impact of TABOR ratchet down effect as we recover
  • Inability of general fund balance to address any surprises

The City Committee offers the community a partnership to help, advise and guide improvements

Below is the introduction to The City Committee including its members, mission, goals and methodology. The presentation was done by Bob Cutter, Vice Chairman of The City Committee. This video was taken in October 2010 at El Pomar’s Penrose House in Colorado Springs to an audience of approximately 40 civic leaders.